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The Birth of Ernie Vance

Today I started lying again over on… and it feels goooood. It’d been over five years since I published a lie and the goofy ideas in my head were starting to pile up. I want to get these ideas out and I want to get back to writing humor. However, the M.J. Guns moniker that I carried for the whole Definitely True brand, didn’t quite seem to fit. It’s an obvious namification of this website’s name and the same username I use across all social media, but that’s not exactly obvious unless you already know me.

So I felt I needed a new name for that stuff.

Took a lot of deliberation, but after a time, I landed on Ernie Vance. “Ernie” is a nickname I’ve carried with me since some time around the 7th grade and Vance is like my real last name, but shorter and easier to spell.

Of course, once I chose the name, that meant I also had to go through the whole trouble of re-branding everything that had to do with Definitely True. That meant updating the website, fixing social media accounts, and re-releasing both the print and ebook versions of Definitely True: Year One. For the ebook part of the process, that went fairly smoothly. However, on the print side of things, I had a few headaches. Scribus was the source of a lot of it. That program really doesn’t handle the amount of text that goes into works with a high page count. When I get to releasing novels, I think I’m going to have to investigate some other options for print layout. That’ll be later this year, though, so I’ve go some time.

In the meantime, I’m adding new lies on the regular and Ernie has been a great name to use for that.

Also, to everyone who supported my Kickstarter Project a while back at the highest support level, keep your eyes peeled. I’ll have something coming to you soon.