Blender For Dummies, 3rd edition… Released!

Blender For Dummies

So in the midst of my indie writing shenanigans, the 3rd edition of Blender For Dummies is officially out and in the wild as of today! Wheee!

As a result, I’ve relaunched as the official website of Blender For Dummies. Content there is pretty sparse at the moment, but stay tuned! I’ll be posting a new article, tutorial, or neat thing there each day for the next handful of days.



I sent an email to the french editor of the book, to know the release date of the French translation. But I have not yet had a response (its been 6-8 weeks) …

Do you know if a translation is planned and when?


Hi there! I know that previous editions of the book have been translated to French, so I expect that this one likely will, too. Unfortunately, I have no idea when that’s likely to be. I’ll contact the publisher and see if they know.


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