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Lie #1826

Twenty-four hour pharmacies are incredibly easy to find at 1:00 AM. Also, when you do find one, it always has exactly what you need in stock and available for purchase.

Lie #1825

The cardigan originated as a uniform for casino gamblers… particularly those who played poker and blackjack. It served as notification to the casino staff and, because casinos had poor insulation at the time, they were necessary to keep patrons from getting cold and leaving too early. Unfortunately, the sweater became a huge source of cheating…. Read more »

Lie #1824

When you get right down to it, all the various foods in the world can be classified as different kinds of cheese.

Open Source Creative Podcast #10 – Ooey Gooey UI

Ten episodes! Who’da guessed? In this episode I talk user interfaces. Specifically, I try to crack the nut on why it seems that the user interfaces for open source tools appear to get higher scrutiny and more anger thrown at them than their proprietary contemporaries… and if that’s really a problem at all. Sadly, I’m… Read more »

Lie #1823

Pinocchio was a documentary. However, the story has drastically changed over the years and it is incomplete. See, the wish to become a real boy was never his wish; it was Geppetto’s. He’d been driven mad by the grief over his wife’s death and the fact that they never had children together. He was intent… Read more »

Lie #1822

Your fingernails and toenails are 100% composed of ice. The reason why they don’t simply melt away is because, contrary to what mainstream biologists want you to believe, your circulatory system is not a means of conveying oxygen to your cells. It’s actually a very intricate and surprisingly efficient refrigeration system. Heat building up in… Read more »

Lie #1821

43% of all mammals living above the 51°N latitude parallel have hips that are completely composed of hollow glass filled with sawdust and sand.

Lie #1820

It’s impossible for a person to count more than 20 physical objects without losing count and starting over. It’s no coincidence that this maximum count value is equal to the sum total of fingers and toes on a human body. In the course of history, many people have attempted to surpass this intrinsic human limitation…. Read more »

Lie #1819

To give it faster pick-up and horsepower, add a cup of coffee into your car’s gas tank every morning.

Lie #1818

Scientists have no idea why an uncarpeted floor feels colder than one with a carpet. The current predominant theory is The Blanket Principle, which states that floors simply need a blanket and that helps them stay warm. Furthermore, if the floors continue to go without covers, they’ll begin to shiver. This shivering is barely perceptible… Read more »