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Open Source Creative Podcast, #1 – Use Version Control!

This is the real first episode of the Open Source Creative Podcast! And it’s a bit of a weird place to start: version control systems. It’s not something that many creative folks think about when producing their work… and that’s a mistake. If you’re doing digital work, your data is your work. So it’s in… Read more »

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 8

Had so much fun the last time I played with Freestyle, I had to do it again. About 45 minutes to model, 15 minutes to rig, and 30 minutes of playing with Freestyle. 08-gorilla.blend

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 5

Got in really late this evening due to DragonCon, so I had to pull from the “get it done quickly” pile. So… a plate. Took me less that 5 minutes. 05-plate.blend

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 4

Had a bit of extra time for this one. About 30 minutes for the [kind of crap] model and another 30 minutes of playing around with Freestyle. 04-tension.blend