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30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 29

Would’ve liked to have time to add a few more bolts on this one, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. Roughly an hour of playing. 29-hydrant.blend

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 25

I realized earlier today that I’d never modeled a soccer ball. Remedied that one. However, I did kind of let the vertex count get away from me. No matter, though; it looks cool. 😛 Roughly an hour (plus rendering time). 25-soccer.blend

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 22

I really want to sculpt on this and take it further. It’s a combination of the skin modifier, subdivision surfaces, and the fluid simulator. Took about an hour and a half. 22-tired.blend

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 21

Not counting the hour and a half I spent failing with the soft body simulator (and ultimately giving up on it), this took about 30 minutes. 21-sack.blend