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Creative TriMonthAlon: Sculptember Week 1

I mentioned a couple posts ago that, starting in September, I was going to embark on a “Creative TriMonthAlon”, wherein I would complete three months of daily creative output. The first month would be (and is) Sculptember. We’re a week into it and as far as I can tell, we’re having a great time. I… Read more »

A Busy Little Ape

OK, OK… I know that I haven’t posted anything new here since May. However, it only looks like I’ve been on a summer vacation. In reality, this has been a surprisingly busy summer for me. And the approaching last quarter of this year doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Not one little bit. So what… Read more »

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 29

Would’ve liked to have time to add a few more bolts on this one, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. Roughly an hour of playing. 29-hydrant.blend

Open Source Creative Podcast, #3 – Licensing and Crowdfunding

This focus on this week’s podcast was more on the business side of things; talking about licenses for creative work and relating that to crowdfunded projects. And I end the episode with a direct question to you because, well… I’m not sure what I think about it. This one went a little long and got… Read more »

30 Day Modeling Challenge – Day 25

I realized earlier today that I’d never modeled a soccer ball. Remedied that one. However, I did kind of let the vertex count get away from me. No matter, though; it looks cool. 😛 Roughly an hour (plus rendering time). 25-soccer.blend