Open Source Creative Podcast #31 – Keeping Your Project Data Safe

This week’s episode is about some critical stuff: making sure that the digital data that we produce doesn’t get lost. So we’re talking back-ups, passwords, and encryption. It may not sound like as fun and exciting of a topic as other things we’ve discussed, but it’s monumentally important. And really, the technical bits of this can be a really interesting puzzle piece together. It’s rare that I come across two people who have the same exact setup when it comes to doing their back-ups… and even rarer that they use the same password and encryption tools as well (if they use encryption at all).

Here’s a quick run-down of stuff covered in this episode:

And, as promised, here’s a link to see the rings I’ve been making out of wood for the last month or so.

That should do it. See you next week!

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