Open Source Creative Podcast #30 – Let’s Talk about Social Media

Late release this week folks; sorry about that. I have reasons (which I go into during the intro), but no excuses. I’ll have it up at the right time next week.

We’re on this week, though, and this week we’re talking about social media networks and the kind of love/hate relationship we have with them. We’re often at odds with the privacy policies of a lot of social media platforms. Furthermore, the level of discourse that people have on these sites isn’t always all that great. But at the same time, as people working in the creative fields, we have a need to get our work in front of an audience. Social media has the largest audiences.

What I hope to do with this show is try to ameliorate your concerns with social media and provide some tips and techniques for “juicing the algorithms” to make these platforms more tolerable to use… both in terms of personal privacy as well as in terms of social interactions.

As always, lemme know what you think!

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Martin Ramshaw

Interesting podcast, thanks.
On being embedded in the belly of the beast:
{Site does not like ad-blockers but isn’t overboard about it.]
Not to sound paranoid but ad-blockers can only do so much. You can be fairly precisely tracked based upon Geo-location and browser settings. The web was designed for anonymity but this is increasingly under attack for a number of reasons.
The web was commercialized in the 90s (spammy Green-card lottery), so it’s unbelievable that after all this time nobody has come up with a better revenue alternative for websites than advertising or Patreon.


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