Open Source Creative Podcast #26 – How to Make a Living as an Open Source Creative

First things first… we have a winner for the domain for the new Open Source Creative website (it was the .org TLD):

Thanks to everyone who participated. Keep an eye out here (or even better, subscribe to my newsletter) for word on when the site goes live.

Now, this week’s show is really a nuts-and-bolts kind of thing. As the title says, it’s how a person would go about making his or her living as an open source creative… a person whose primary creative software tools are open source. I still run into people who swear it can’t be done. In a way, this is my rebuttal. This episode stays largely generic, but i do make reference to the Blender Market, the open movie projects from the Blender Institute, and a very excellent (and timely) article about David Revoy, an illustrator and comic artist who uses open source tools and produces open content.

And as a program note, there’s a chance that there won’t be an episode next week. Hopefully that’s not true… I’m on a pretty good streak here. But things are what they are. In any case, the show will definitely have an episode after that. So keep your ears peeled.

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