Open Source Creative Podcast #12 – Open Source Program, Where Do You Fit?

This episode is a week late… or I just skipped last week. I suppose it depends on your perspective. In any case, I cover a lot of news in this episode since two weeks of it happened since the last one:

  • Darktable liquify – Someone’s developed a liquify tool for Darktable. Maybe one day it will make it into the stable development branch.
  • Synfig gets improved bone deformations – Drawings in Synfig get distorted more cleanly now. I wonder if/when they’ll get IK solvers.
  • Sony Pictures got hacked – Not exactly open source specific, but they do run a lot of open source tools on their backend, and they’re a creative company. For the information that got yoinked, it’s kind of scary for people who work there.
  • Hacker Public Radio New Years Show – They’re doing a 26-hour live show thing around New Years. Definitely worth checkin’ out.
  • Twine – I stumbled across this open source (though Windows and Mac only… boo!) tool for non-linear story development.
  • Ormr on Linux – Closed-source 2D image editor, Ormr, now has a beta version that works (for the most part) on Linux.
  • 2D animation in Blender and Krita post mortem
  • And… I’m on Pinterest – Fairly new there… but I do have a board for all the podcasts I listen to (there are a lot).

I also have a pretty serious question for you about the kind of content you’d like to see in the next edition of Blender For Dummies. I’m working on the 3rd edition of the book and have come to a point where I need to decide on whether I cover more of Blender’s features or if I include some basic tutorial material. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And in the meat of the episode, I spend a fair amount of time discussing where I think open source creative tools best fit… what kind of artists and environments they’re best suited for. I think I came up with some answers, but feel free to let me know if you think otherwise.

Have fun listening!


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