Open Source Creative Podcast #11 – Know Your Audience

Though it’s a bit scatterbrained, this is a fun episode talking about knowing your audience. When you produce creative work, it’s a good idea to have a notion of the people for whom you’re producing it. And amazingly, this is something that a lot of creatives sometimes overlook or forget about. I know I do on occasion. So I talk about it here as it pertains to writing and commercial TV (and yes, also how it relates to Free Software and the UI episode from last week). I also have a bit of a mini-rant about small business owners and their friggin’ dogs. I still don’t get it.

News bits:

  • Libre Calendar 2015 – The project is still on-going. However, if you want to have a calendar in-hand for the new year, they’re planning on shipping at the beginning of December, so now’s the time to send them 15 €.
  • QCAD 3.7.2 – QCAD has new release… some UI enhancements and performance fixes. If you’re a CAD person, it’s worth checking out.

Short and sweet on the news this week. Enjoy the show!


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