Open Source Creative Podcast #5 – Status Report, the first!

This episode is a bit more of an update (well… it’s the first one, so I suppose “announcement” makes more sense than update) on the personal projects I’m working on through at least the end of the year… a lot of writing going on in there. I also touch a bit on the new sleep schedule I’ve been testing out for a couple months now. And I ponder an overall structure for this podcast itself.

Oh… and thanks everyone on Facebook and Google+ who answered my question about email lists. I got a lot of insight out of that and I think I may have made a decision on that… maybe.

And of course, I covered some of the latest news related to things going on in the open source creative world… such as:

And that should about cover it. This podcast is great fun. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Feel free to give me more (here and elsewhere on the interwebbernets)!

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