Open Source Creative Podcast #4 – Wherein Jason Rants… a lot

In this week’s episode I get a bit ranty about a few topics. Not only do I expand upon a bit of a fired-up digression I made in last week’s episode (regarding the nature of how people think about the computer graphics industry… especially people who have been in and around it for a while), but I poke at a few other things like clickbaity headlines from the uniform school of web marketing and the meaninglessness of the term “professional”. All in all, I’d say it’s great fun. Hopefully you think so, too.

Also, also! I sprayed some WD-40 on my clutch pedal. No more background squeaks!

Some of the specific things covered in this episode:

And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Post a comment below or where ever you think I’ll read it and let’s talk about this stuff.



Yay for WD-40. Agree with you on Andrew Price’s Podcast title being too click-bait-ky. No-rike. Audio length being too long too. Essential substance can be easily summed up to less than 10 minutes of audio. Much soup, less meat.


Thanks! I was actually a bit worried about this one. But I’m glad to know that you’ve been enjoying them. I’m having a great time putting them together.

Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to talk about.

Thanks again!


I suppose I’m at least a little curious about what you think of the Blender Market, and the folks who insist that anything made for blender (add-ons, models, etc) should be free and open-source like blender.


Ooh! Good topic. I touch on the Blender Market briefly in the episode I recorded yesterday (I’ll be releasing it later this evening), but it’s definitely worth going into more. I’ll be sure to cover it on episode 6.


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