Open Source Creative Podcast, #2 – The Daily Creative

A pretty short [and kind of late] episode this week as my commute has been a bit different. I was traveling for work to a much different kind of conference than the one I talked about in last episode… though there were still a very high population of artists and designers at this one, so that was refreshing. In any case, I talk in this episode about building, developing, and maintaining creativity by doing something (anything) creative each and every day. And, at the end of the episode, I issue a challenge out to you! Let’s see how many of you take me up on it.

Below are a few of the things I cover in the show:

Incidentally, I recorded this podcast using Urecord (as mentioned above). Generally speaking, I’m quite pleased with it. The only drawbacks that I’ve seen with it is that the highest sample rate it can record at is 44.1 kHz and there’s no way to adjust the input gain on the mic. The former isn’t a huge deal (it’s still CD quality, after all), but the latter has me a bit concerned. It worked pretty well for picking up my voice in an empty hotel room, but I’m worried that if I use it in my car while driving, it’s not going to fully fit the bill. Maybe it will, though. We’ll see on the next episode.



Was looking for a new podcast to listen while I commute. I applaud you for something fresh and unique in a sense. Urecord also surprisingly has decent quality. Looking forward to future casts.


Thanks! I used RecForge for the earlier episodes, and it’s quite nice. I’d just prefer an open source solution. Hopefully Urecord will hold up well in my car.


loved the previous episode… with all the slightly geeky talk about version control…. lol!
this one looks interesting too, I’m downloading it now. great podcast. keep posting more! 😀


Great podcast, you have a very professional tone to your voice, it reminded me of a radio show.
Keep up the good work 🙂


Wow! That’s very kind of you. Thanks for listening. Let’s hope I can keep up that quality level (or even improve upon it).


Really enjoyed this. I’m glad to find it. The sound quality is nice as well. Going to check out the other episodes when I have a chance.


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