Open Source Creative Podcast #6 – The Blender Market and the “Dreaded” Commercialization of Open Source Tools

In this episode, I respond to a topic that was brought up here in the comments of an earlier episode, as well as on Twitter. Namely, the notion of selling extensions, add-ons, assets, and so on for open source tools. Specifically, this was brought up as it pertains to the Blender Market, a site by the folks at CG Cookie with the purpose of letting Blender users sell these kinds of things to other Blender users. It turns out that this is a pretty interesting topic to talk about (I should know… I did it 3 times).

In personal news:

And of course, I give a rundown of some the latest news as it pertains to open source and creative tools:

Whew… I wrote a lot. On toward next week!