Open Source Creative Podcast, #0 – The Pilot, Why Use Open Source Software for Creative Work?

This is where it starts. Welcome to the zero-th episode of the Open Source Creative Podcast. This  is a weekly show wherein I speak about doing creative work (writing, computer graphics, traditional art, design, etc.)… with a slightly more specific leaning towards doing that work with free and open source software.

Show notes for this one are a bit sparse (hey, I’m just starting out here). The main thrust of this episode, aside from introductions and what-not, is a rational justification for using free and open source software to produce creative works… and why “because it’s free” isn’t the best reason (or really a good reason at all). I also go on a slightly ranty tangent on why artists would do well to learn a bit about coding.

Intro and outro music was produced by Sam Brubaker. Go check out his stuff.

That should about cover it. Let me know what you think and how I can make this show better.

Site Launch!

I have a new site! This is the first post. There’s not a lot here right now. I’ll be adding more. Be patient.